Area 47, Sector 2, Plot number 39, Lilongwe
MON-FRI , 08.AM - 17.PM

Machinga Secondary school

As part of the “Improving Access to Digitally Enabled Learning Program” being implemented by Computers for Enhanced Education (“CEE”) in Malawi with support from the The Turing Trust, we have successfully installed 22 computers at Machinga Secondary School.

Machinga Secondary School is situated in the Machinga district of southern Malawi. The school has 494 students, including 17 with disabilities, and has received computers from CEE to enhance their computer studies curriculum.

Machinga Secondary School faces similar challenges to many schools in Malawi in terms of inadequate computer resources to effectively teach the subject. According to Leonard Mkwanda, a Form 2 student at the school, “the school doesn’t have computers for practicals, which has made me lose interest in the subject. I have also never learned how to type using a computer, and I have only used one once in my life.” The absence of computers has greatly impacted the students’ ability to acquire computer skills and knowledge, potentially impacting their performance in the subject during the MSCE exams.

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